An effective way to protect yourself from EMP Attack

- Even though will fail

What is EMP ?

EMP also known as electromagnetic pulse,is simply a burst of electromagnetic energy which can be produced by both natural causes, such as a solar flare, and by man-made mechanisms or weapons. EMP is a Great threat to modern world and studies and research are going with this hot issue ,in whole world. Electromagnetic pulses are very capable of destroying many electric devices ,that is not specially shielded against such a burst of energy. In future days, Any one can say undoubtedly that the evil Causes and effects of EMP may affect even a small city like Palakkad.

Why Associate Chemicals, Palakkad ?

Associate chemicals at Palakkad, is a prestigious scientific business concern, which is immensely aware about the Emerging need to provide proper effective and scientific protection for current world from EMP.
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